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SUNDAY SERVICE at 10:15 a.m.  

HOLY COMMUNION is on the 1st Sunday of the month


Worship invites each one of us to come, at God's invitation, to a place of community, communion, and commitment.





St. John's is here to support our members, their families, friends and the community.  If you know someone that needs to be added into our daily thoughts and prayers, please do not hesitate to talk with the Pastor or contact the office.

Our Consistory & Staff

Pastor:  Rev. Scott M. Sanders

President of Consistory:  Dr. Robert Ziegenfus

Vice President of Consistory:  Barry Haydt

Elders:  Jeff Ebling & Troy Weidner

Deacon:  Heidi Scarano



Chancel Choir Director:  Lucinda B. Knauer

Organist:  Ruth Youse

Admin. Assistant:  Jill Kilgore

Custodian:  Phil Landis




St. John's has an extensive music program with special music often featured throughout many of our worship services.

Lucinda Knauer is our Choir Director.


St. John's is  fortunate to host concerts from various organizations throughout the year.  The beautiful sanctuary, and quality sound allows for listeners to truly feel and enjoy their experience while visiting St. John's.


Please visit our events "Pastor's Notes" or "Events" page to see what special music may be featured during worship & to learn more about other events at St. John's.

Community Service

St. John's has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to witnessing Jesus Christ by being the incarnation of Christ's spirit in a world that needs God's help and love.


Some of the organizations that St. John's is affiliated with are Berks Women in Crisis, Berks Food Bank, Friend Inc., Church World Service, Home Health Care, Relay for Life:American Cancer Society, and Kutztown Community Partnership.


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