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June 2024 * Pride Month * Worship Schedule


June 2nd – Communion Celebration 

Pastor Sanders begins our Pride Month focus with his sermon, “Pride,”

Based on Romans 2:1-11.  


June 9th - Third Sunday after Pentecost

Pastor Sanders invites us to, “Find Our Nathan Voice” this day, based on II Samuel 12:1-13.


June 16th – Father’s Day!

Fire up the grill!  We’re celebrating Dad today!  We’ll groove to the tunes of Barry Manilow as Pastor Sanders explores Barry’s cover of the song “Ships”

Based on John 20:19-23.


June 23rd – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

We’ll gain a little “Perspective” based on Mark 8:22-25.


June 30th – Kutztown Folk Festival Worship – 9:00 a.m.

(No in-house worship at St. John’s.)   Free admission tickets available at church.

Pastor Sanders will preach the morning Folk Festival message: “Crafty”

Based on Matthew 11:16-19.

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