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Lent 2024



“There’s No Need to Fear, Jesus Christ is Here!”

We’re Easter people!  Our faith in the resurrection gives our lives hope and purpose as it inspires the 288-year mission of St. John’s Church!

Our Sunday morning Lenten focus will be addressing the fears of our lives and this age.

Our special Lenten services will enhance our fearless journey to Holy Week, Good Friday and ultimately Easter morn!


Third Sunday in Lent – March 3rd 

We’ll celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion as we confront our fears with Pastor Sanders’ message: “An Adverse Wind,” based on Mark 6:45-52.


Fourth Sunday in Lent – March 10th

Turn your clocks ahead. Daylight Saving Begins

Pastor Sanders shared the message: “Silence Fear,” based on Mark 1:21-28.


75 years ago, in 1949, as Europe was rebuilding from the devastations of WWII;                One Great Hour of Sharing, began.

OGHS, inspired by NATO and the ongoing US led, “Marshall Plan,” was a platform for US Protestant Churches to combine their efforts in raising significant resources to help those in desperate need rebuilding their lives throughout Europe.

In 2024, 9 major Protestant faith families including our own United Church of Christ, unite every 4th Sunday in Lent to support OGHS with our second-mile gifts.

OGHS is our collective “stocking up” for the inevitable natural disasters here at home as well as worldwide.  Please use the enclosed OGHS offering envelope for your significant second-mile gifts, mailing them to the church office.  Thank you!


Fifth Sunday in Lent – March 17th

St. Patty’s Day

Pastor Sanders’ message:

“Beyond Fear” based on Matthew 5:38-47

Holy Week 2024


Palm/Passion Sunday – March 24th

Wave your Palms as we welcome Jesus into the Holy City with our Passion Sunday Celebration. 

Pastor Sanders will share the meditation: “Singing Stones,” based on Luke 19:29-40.


Maundy Thursday –  March 28th - 7p.m.

We recall the events of the Upper Room this evening as Jesus celebrated the Passover, his “Last Supper,” with the disciples. “Lights Out,” will be Pastor Sanders’ message based on John 18:1-14.

The first half of the service will take place in the sanctuary, in-person and Zoom.  The Upper Room sharing will take place in the fellowship hall, in-person only. Preludes will begin at 6:45 p.m.


Good Friday – March 29th - 7p.m.

We witness His Passion as we hear hiss “Seven Last Words of Life,”

uttered from the cross.  Pastor Sanders will share the message: “Chaos’ Victory.”

Prelude music will begin at 6:45 p.m.

This service will be offered via ZOOM ONLY.


 Easter Sunday! – “He Is Risen!” – March 31st

We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection this glorious Easter morning!


8:00 a.m.

We’ll gather in the church cemetery for a 30-minute “Resurrection Life Celebration” featuring communion, and Easter Surprises!  (This service will not be broadcast via zoom.)


10:15 a.m.

Our Easter celebration continues in the sanctuary.  Pastor Sanders will share the Easter message, “Save Your Forks,” based on Mark 16:1-8.  Our Senior Choir will perform under the direction of Cindy Knauer.  We’ll celebrate the “First Supper” of our Risen Christ.  Those worshipping via zoom are invited to prepare their home communion elements in advance.

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